CAD - Corporation for Artistic Development
CAD’s In Artist Residency at an Apartment, Townhouse, Bed & Breakfast, Hotel, Inn, Motel or Cottage is rewarding and exciting for both the artist and the residence. The Artist Residency is a place where fashion designers, costumers, visual artists, dancers, choreographers, musicians, filmmakers, production set designers, music composers, acrobats, vocalists, dramatists and graphic designers that are aged out from foster care or just an artist that is in need of a quieter place to work on the craft can apply to stay for the summer or longer, learn and share their talent. One or more artists can share a space.
    Artists age 18 or older apply to live free  

Guidelines for sponsored residency: You must participate in the following activities below:Work on your creative project. Attend CAD’s workshop: grant writing and funding for artists, A better me, and another of your choice for one year, also, do a part-time internship for Corporation for Artistic Development and at the residency six months, Perform and Exhibit your talent for the community, residency and with Corporation for Artistic Development for one year. You may enjoy residency amenities, which could include; basketball, tennis, volley ball, fitness center, swimming, daycare, restaurant, convenience store and (if interested)Volunteer for CAD’s Television, Theater, Film, Art, Fashion, Music Shows & Summer Camp for youth-seniors to strengthen your skills and career.

HOW TO APPLY: Email CAD at regarding why you need to live here, why you want to stay at an artist residency and describe all your artistic talents, business skills and the reason why you should be selected for an interview and audition. If you are employed, please tell us where.

If you would like our program to be at your facility. Please contact us for a package or a meeting regarding the benefits and programs CAD offers for your site. We screen our artists before placing them at your residence.
Tell us why your place is a great site for CAD's In Artist Residency.
We may be reached at or (313) 346-6878. 

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