CAD - Corporation for Artistic Development
FCH Pros 
Foster Care Heroes and Professionals   
CAD offers these specialized services to:  Foster Care Children, Aged Out Youth and  Foster Care Adults   

Come And Get The Money 
Write a one page letter of intent and Step up to the mic and impress the judges answering their questions and start receiving grant money in the amount of $300 up to $20,0000 the same day for business or educational travel, medical bill support, or start or complete a creative, business or community project. Children, teenagers and adults may apply.   

In AWE - Art Wellness Excellence 
Free your self through drama, music, dance, art, journalism, photography, graphic design, fashion set production, costume and special effects make-up design for stage, radio, film, television, exhibits, and internet. Hands on experience in a CAD professional production and help producing your own creative project that leaves people in awe of your talent will heal and thrill.  

Professionally Planned 
CAD volunteers help launch, promote and market your business or event and award you. 

Donation Room 
Monthly select a certain personal, household or business product you need or want.   

FCH Artists Residency 
Stay free one month or longer in a campus apartment or hotel while attending CAD. You will do a job internship, go on trips, train and learn more skills to improve you physically, mentally, spiritually, professionally and creatively and help you help your community. You must work towards and complete a literary, music, dramatic, craft, visual art or fashion design project that will be performed and or exhibited for the community. Strict guidelines apply. 

Got It Together 
Apply for financial support towards motor vehicle tickets, medical bills, educational loans, dental services, doctor visit fee, drivers license, identification, down payment for rent or purchase towards auto or home through a fundraising effort or grant on your behalf.   

Specialized Placement 
In demand career training, job placement, internship, fellowship and scholarship aide.

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