CAD - Corporation for Artistic Development
Come And Get The Money Conference
Apply for funding today and get a response tomorrow.

Groups and Individuals that qualify to apply for $300 - $20,000       for an event, project or program via email and video
Children 8 - 12
TeenagersAdults (including senior citizens)
Aged Out Foster Care Youth 
Performing Artists 
Visual Artists
Literary Artists 
Disabled Persons
Groups and Clubs 
Non-Profit Organizations 
Small Start Up Businesses

How To Apply
Send a two paragraph maximum by email and also a 3 minute maximum video of yourself (and your group, if applicable) explaining and answering all six inquiries:

1. Describe who you are
2. What amount of funding you need
3. Why you want the funding
4. Where are you going to do your event, project or program
5. Who is going to help you accomplish this goal
6. How is CAD and Come And Get The Money going to be acknowledged

Submit your fee 
Pay by paypal, cspace for Corporation for Artistic Development or via mail to CAD 15345 Colbert Romulus, MI 48034
$40 for an individual
$75 for groups

What's included in your conference fee
Quarterly list for one year of funders giving grant money to your type of project
Quarterly list of donors for one year that are giving away products
Reading your email pitch
Viewing your video pitch
Names of awarded individuals or groups 
Conference Tee Shirt
Video clip tip of how to get more support in the future
The points you received on each of the six inquiries with 150 points being the highest.

Awardee Selection
One Awardee will be selected from all 12 categories to receive $300 up to $20,000
Up to 25 points can be awarded for each inquiry answered for a total of 150 points
Final Awardees are selected by community businesses and funders, not by CAD, Inc.
You must receive a minimum of 120 points to be selected for an award.

When to Apply
Email with a video and email submission.
Submissions are accepted prior to the 20th of August, November, February and May 
Once your fee is processed. The following business day you can receive a response.

Contact CAD to attend a weekend Come And Get The Money conference 
Pitches are done live before a panel, by video and email in Michigan or you can request to be a Host City Sponsor in the United States or Canada. Awardees are awarded at the weekend conference. 

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