CAD - Corporation for Artistic Development
At the age of 17, CAD, Inc. was envisioned and founded by Detroiter, Regina A. Mack. Before coming to CAD youth, burn victims, participants with disabilities, senior citizens, struggling college students and youth from foster care were often forgotten, ignored and lonely.  Incorporated in January 1982 as a 501 C3, CAD has brought joy to people throughout Michigan providing grant writing, thousands of meals, donations, tutoring, trainings and economic empowerment opportunities to over 30,000 children, disabled, seniors, veterans, neglected aged out foster care youth and the homeless. CAD has produced hundreds of exciting performances in dance, television, theater, fashion, fine arts and music.  

SOLOMON VO-TECH & ARTS CENTER 120 Goldengate Detroit, Mi
The site is being renovated. It is housing a dance studio, music rehearsal room, computer lab, art gallery, call center, arcade, kitchen, relaxation hub, reading lounge, music studio, move screening room, stage, skilled and general labor manufacturing on-the-job training, offices, retail store, patio, amphitheater, multi-purpose hall and health and fitness den.    

COMMUNITY SUPPORT                                                 
CAD has received funding and donations from more than 100 donors, including: Empire Group, Forgotten Harvest, Kroger, Meijer, Target,        St. John Providence Hospital, Black United Fund of Michigan, Youth Development Commission, Sav-A-Lot, Michigan Council for the Arts, City of Detroit Cultural Affairs, Wal-Mart, McDonald’s, Domino’s, Ford Motor Company, Chrysler, UAW, Walbridge Aldinger, Comerica, Burger King, Arts Access, Kowalski, and New Detroit.          

Chairperson                                                                  Lillian Boyer
President                                                                 Jwyanza Gaines
Founder/Vice President/Executive Director                         Regina Mack
Executive Secretary                                                   Charmayne Hill
Treasurer                                                                        Andre Hill
Board Member                                                          Andre Hutchons
Board Member                                               Sharon Oliver Merchant
Board Member                                                            Jill Opal Oliver
Board Member                                                              Felicia Baker
Advisory Board Member                                               Shirley Houser
Advisory Board Member                                              Predithia Olden
Volunteer Special Needs Director                                Regina Hamilton
Youth Director                                                           Tamika Shelton
Administrative Director                                                 Dawn Weaver
Music Superintendent                                                 David Whitelaw
Multi-Media Director                                                  Angela Whitelaw
Audio Director                                                          Andre Hutchons
Music Director                                                           Denard McClary 
Music Director                                                             William Smith
Theatrical Director                                                         Regina Mack
Training & Development Director                                      Lillian Boyer
Artistic Director (Las Vegas)                               Latoya Marie Williams
My Brother's Keeper, Kids Investing in Simple Solutions,                      Your Solutions,Kids Enjoy Yourselves WIthout Drugs, M.W. Production, Flow Ministries, Wellness Advocates, Empire Equipment and Supplies, Karlo's Bouncies,Veteran Community Services, Delaney Development, Alexander and Associates, Silver Fox Furs, Metro Detroit Area Fellowship Choir, DNA Studio, Digital Kitchen Media, Accelerated Placement,  DNA Studio and Big Audio.

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